Management Services

BROADLEAF provide an extensive range of services to each development it manages. The list of management services to each scheme will include some or all of the following

  • The opening of and ongoing administration of a BANK ACCOUNT for holding each individual scheme’s monies.
  • Preparing & distributing SERVICE CHARGE ESTIMATES presented through a general meeting held at the scheme each year.
  • The COLLECTION of service charges, usually on a quarterly basis in advance.
  • ACCOUNTING for service charges.
  • The preparation of AUDITED SERVICE CHARGE ACCOUNTS provided to residents after the end of each service charge year.
  • Collecting routine service charge and ground rent ARREARS.   Any legal fees are not covered by Broadleaf.
  • Providing MANAGEMENT INFORMATION to residents.
  • LIAISING with residents associations (liaison beyond that which is normal may be incur additional charges).
  • Administering BUILDINGS and other insurance.
  • The EMPLOYMENT of management personnel (not site based), ongoing TRAINING & SUPERVISION
  • Entering into and managing MAINTENANCE CONTRACTS.
  • Inspecting the property and dealing with necessary REPAIRS & MAINTENANCE.
  • Preparing SPECIFICATIONS & CONTRACTS for minor works and services.
  • Periodic HEALTH & SAFETY AND FIRE RISK ASSESSMENTS but not specialist checks and tests.
  • Consultation on management matters, MAJOR WORKS and long term agreements.
  • Regular SITE VISITS to supervise scheme managers.
  • Drawing up and reviewing RISK ASSESSMENT PLANS.
  • RECRUITMENT and TRAINING of scheme based staff.
  • Keeping and maintaining RECORDS of residents and TENANCY DETAILS.
  • Preparing replacement COST ASSESSMENTS for insurance purposes on buildings and landlords contents.
  • Negotiating with local and statutory authorities regarding operation or amendment or improvements to COMMUNAL SERVICES as necessary.
  • Providing COPY DOCUMENTS as and when required.
  • Provision of SECRETARIAL SERVICES to resident management companies.
  • Keeping landlords advised on MANAGEMENT POLICY when working as an agent.
  • Employing and working with SPECIALIST ADVISORS.
  • Dealing with NON COMPLIANCE with leases including instructing solicitors and giving court evidence.

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